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How do you know which product is right for you? is a tool created for the average consumers to use to help choose the best slimming pills that fit their needs. Not only have we gathered data through extensive research, but we look to you the consumer to get important customer feedback. We have researched many different slimming pills and we have found that the most valuable component is whether a slimming pill will produce results. We have reviewed and ranked the best weight loss products by taking into account the following factors:

  • Weight Loss Efficiency
  • Product Safety
  • Quality of Ingredients
  • Long-Term Results
  • Customer Feedback
  • Overall Value

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Manufactured by LipoFuze Inc.
Retail Price: $99.95
Cheapest Price We Found: $49.95

LipoFuze has leaped onto the weight loss scene and climbed the charts at an astounding rate with its impressive collection of the most advanced patented and clinically proven fat burning ingredients. LipoFuze is based off the highly recommended weight loss method of increasing metabolism and building lean muscle. Why? The reason 95% of people fail to achieve long term weight loss is because most weight loss supplements do not have the ability to build lean muscle mass. Where most diet pills fall short, LipoFuze excels providing powerful metabolism boosters to help you burn fat and increase lean muscle to help keep fat off for good. The best part is they back every bottle with their World Famous 100% Lifetime Money Back Guarantee! Read More…




Manufactured by Phenphedrine
Retail Price: $129.95
Cheapest Price We Found: $69.95

Phenphedrine is the ONLY high performance slimming pill that helps you burn fat as well as suppress appetites eliminating cravings! Phenphedrine was the first slimming pill created from the revolutionary scientific weight loss findings about neurotransmitters that aid in the controlling of appetite and metabolism. Its formula was designed to isolate the Cocaine Amphetamine Regulatory Transcript (C-A-R-T) and Neuropeptide-Y (NPY). Altering these neurotransmitters will trigger signals in the brain to increase metabolism and suppress your appetite. With a 96% customer satisfaction rating, Phenphedrine is one of the most powerful slimming pills we have seen on the market. Had it not been for its questionable safety ratings, Phenphedrine’s INCREDIBLE and GUARANTEED formula would have been at the top of the list! We highly recommend Phenphedrine for those looking for extreme slimming results. Read More…




Manufactured by MyoRipped
Retail Price: $99.95
Cheapest Price We Found: $49.95

Part fat-burner, part muscle builder, MyoRipped is the best supplement on the market to help you get ripped and lean incredibly fast. MyoRipped uses potent testosterone boosters to help amplify strength and set an anabolic tone within your body. By encouraging anabolic growth, MyoRipped makes it easier to pack on rippling muscle mass and improve body composition. Its formula is even equipped to accelerate the metabolism. Using its potent thermogenic compounds, MyoRipped incinerates fat to reveal chiseled and defined muscles beneath. Read More…


OxySelect Pink


Manufactured by OxySelect Pink
Retail Price: $99.95
Cheapest Price We Found: $49.95

If youre looking to have that slim, slender, sexy body, then look no further! OxySelect Pink is one of the most advanced fat burners for women on the market, and with its all-natural thermogenic ingredients, youre sure to shed those stubborn pounds. Powerful enough to produce results, yet gentle on the stomach, OxySelect Pink uses a unique probiotic blend to ensure that you have the best weight loss experience possible. With everything youve ever wanted in a diet pill, OxySelect Pink is the smart way to lose weight. Read More…




Manufactured by 7-DFBX
Retail Price: $39.99
Cheapest Price We Found: $19.99

7-DFBX is the fastest way to lose extreme amounts of weight we know of. After years of breathing, drinking, and eating harmful contaminants, our body is a toxic waste dump. 7-DFBX has been fitted with an unparalleled blend of cleansing agents proven to expel pollutants, eliminate poisons, and flush out compacted matter. Using these and an array of potent fat burners, 7-DFBX unlocks and augments your metabolic potential to enable your body to melt away 7, 10, even 20 pounds of fat in just one week! Read More…

Best Slimming Pills for Weight Loss: the Basics


In our on-the-go society, many of us feel pressured to look our best even if we don’t have time to hit the gym regularly or eat the healthiest foods. Consequently, diet pills are becoming increasingly popular as a natural and fast way to shed those stubborn pounds.

Yet with literally millions of diet pills being sold every day and countless products on the market to help you slim down, how do you know which ones to choose?

Understanding the different diet pills available to you can help you determine which product is best suited for your individual needs and which manufacturers are simply out to get your money.

Prescription, Over the Counter, and Dietary Supplements

Many people are under the impression that a pill is a pill, and if it can be sold in stores, then it must be safe for use.

However, different types of pills follow different rules and regulations.

Prescription: Prescription pills are only available through a doctor, and these are typically the most expensive and the most reliable ways to lose weight. They’re carefully monitored by the FDA and require years of testing and trials before gaining approval. Some of these diet pills are so strong that they need to be carefully monitored by a physician, as they often pose the risk of addiction and other negative side effects.

According to experts at WebMD, a person with a BMI of 30 or above (or 27 with a medical condition) are perfect candidates for prescription pills.

Over the Counter: Over the counter diet pills are next in line for reliability, as many of them require the green light from the FDA before hitting the shelves. They also undergo years of testing, but are generally weaker than prescription pills (to avoid the risk of negative side effects).

Dietary Supplements: Dietary supplements do not require FDA approval, though they do need the manufacturer’s assurance that the ingredients and concentrations are safe for use. Prices vary depending on the individual product, and though some are definitely powerful tools for weight loss, not all formulas are as reliable as prescription or OTC pills.

Approaching Fat from Multiple Angles

Diet pills are typically classified into these 4 broad categories for losing weight. Each are effective in their own right, so be sure to find a pill that suits your individual needs.

Fat Burners: These diet pills increase caloric expenditure through boosting energy levels and stimulating thermogenesis (raising the body’s core temperature).

Fat Blockers: If you like to indulge on occasion, then fat blockers can inhibit the absorption of fatty foods and starches, so you don’t overdo it on your calorie count for the day. (They don’t block everything, though, so you still know how to become anorexic¬†and need to eat healthy).

Detoxifiers: Toxins and waste can build up in the digestive tract and slow down your metabolism, and a detox formula can help stimulate the body and promote better digestion. Detox products should not be used long term.

Appetite Suppressants: Struggling to stop snacking in between meals? Appetite suppressants will make you less aware of your hunger, making it easier to cut back on calories without feeling starved.

Where to Find the Best Slimming Pills?

The best slimming pills are the ones that utilize multiple approaches in order to burn fat, such as a combination fat burner and appetite suppressant, or a detox formula that boosts metabolism.

The top products listed on this site offer comprehensive blends to give you the best results, targeting and annihilating fat while keeping the side effects to a minimum. Feel free to read any of these unbiased reviews to see how each pill works to help you slim down.