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What Is Thermodiamine?

Thermodiamine weight loss pill -

Created by Integrity Labs, a science based nutraceutical company, Thermodiamine is a patented form of a stimulant free ingredient known as evodiamine. It has been said to use the evodia rutaecarpa fruit to burn more fat and otherwise get results even when combined with a high fat diet. They talk about an increase in lipolytic activity, otherwise known as fat burning, and it works similarly to an ingredient called capsaicin or cayenne pepper. They talk about an absence of side effects such as indigestion, a spicy taste, or burning for that matter, and they are committed to quality and change.

About Thermodiamine

But what to the studies say? They performed a study on evodiamine in its original form for 21 days. It showed a significant decrease in fat in many test subjects even when combined with a high fat diet. They claim it to be an appropriate product for weight management, and the studies have shown this to be true. Most studies have been based out of Japan, but there have been multiple studies to legitimize it at this time.

The End Conclusion

We would definitely recommend using thermodiamine. We like the original ingredient known as evodiamine. It has been shown to promote weight loss and it has been shown to have a greater effect, even when combined with a high fat diet. However, the simple fact is that realistically speaking, this formula is so much more powerful and therefore effective in its patented form, and we would definitely recommend it above the competition for both its results and lack of side effects simultaneously.

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