The Zipfizz weight loss supplement is marketed as the “healthy alternative” to other weight loss supplements, and technically, the Zipfizz line has been relatively successful in producing energy supplements. So why not weight loss supplements. It takes a little more of this and that. But for some, Zipfizz already has the right idea, using a formula completely free of any stimulants! Obviously, Zipfizz has already deviated from the usual, which could mean that Zipfizz actually works.

Does Zipfizz Promote Weight Loss?

Zipfizz uses a blend of 3 basic ingredients, and even though there are only a few questionable reviews, it’s possible that Zipfizz could actually come through. Zipfizz technically has some weight loss ingredients that seem to be effective according to customer reviews such as phaseolus vulgaris for example.

And it has ingredients such as green tea and caffeine anhydrous, even listing the amounts of some. Some sites do list all of the ingredients. But those sites are easy to miss. Most focus on nopal cactus, phaseolamin, and hoodia, which by the way doesn’t promote any known benefits so far.

Does the Formula Prove Itself?

Some are questionable. But even with the positive customer reviews, which I think might be fake, these pills don’t actually list the clinically proven amounts of anything. It actually lists 150mcg of chromium when chromium only requires 200mcg to control blood sugar (it doesn’t promote weight loss). And Zipfizz lists 200mg caffeine when you would have to have at least 400mg caffeine.

The proprietary blends containing garcinia cambogia is only 585mg, and garcinia cambogia alone requires at least 1500mg. At the very least, Zipfizz can increase energy levels because of the fact that it does technically have caffeine. But how is that any different from Zipfizz’s cheap energy packets?


If you visit one of the sites that only lists nopal cactus, hoodia, and phaseolamin, Zipfizz looks hopeful, like maybe it might work, even though none of the ingredients are clinically proven. But Zipfizz has more than that and yet less. There are more ingredients that ultimately seem to prove that Zipfizz doesn’t work.