What Is ZizZazz?

On the ZziZazz website, you’ll find pictures of athletes, beautiful women and Paris Hilton but can you find a weight loss supplement that works? They focus mostly on celebrity hype, and they seem to be pictures they paid them to take at random, not really bothering to be one of the bigger companies. But you have to wonder, does that ultimately speaking save you more money, or is it just a ploy as so many others have been in the past? ZizZazz is a powder drink supplement you add to your beverage to help you lose weight. ZizZazz can even be taken straight from the stick. It comes in four flavors that are said to have a great taste.

ZizZazz includes Vitamins A, C, D, E, B1, B5, B6, B12, green tea, rhodiola rosea and ginseng.

The ingredinets in Zizzazz are for the most part nothing more than vitamins. they are essential vitamins to some degree yes. But they have nothing to do with weight loss. Likewise, rhodiola rosea is just an energy supplement, it does not promote weight loss. Green tea and ginseng have been shown to promote some degree of weight loss if used correctly, which means ideally speaking using at least 400mg of each. But realistically speaking, the simple fact is that in these drink packets, they only use enough to cause side effects in some people, not enough to actually promote weight loss. In other words, with Zizzazz, you would undoubtedly just be wasting more time and money on a product that doesn’t work.