What Is Zoeta?

Zoeta is an herbal appetite suppressant designed to give you the maximum weight loss results through a 3-day patch and a once-a-day tablet to help you increase your metabolism, decrease your appetite and reduce fat. The consistent routine of using this patch and daily tablet are supposed to help you with your diet by reducing cravings so you consume fewer calories, which should lead to weight loss.
The two main ingredients included in

Zoeta are green tea and hoodia.

If you’ve ever examined the ingredient lists of numerous diet pills you’re bound to come across green tea more often than once. Green tea is used so commonly because it has been tested to reduce the appetite, increase energy and metabolic rates to help people lose weight. Hoodia is a much more controversial diet pill ingredient. It is also commonly included and has shown some benefits for being useful in weight loss. To be useful for weight loss, hoodia must be included in the right amount. If hoodia is not included in the right amounts, it will be of very little benefit. Which leads us to one of the problems with Zoeta, while the amount of hoodia is not disclosed, you can safely bet, there isn’t enough to be effective. The same is the case for green tea in Zoeta. Zoeta is just another diet pill that delivers quality ingredients but lacks sufficient amounts to be effective. Another problem with Zoeta is the fact that they try to scam you into purchasing a full month’s supply by tricking you into paying shipping and handling for a free trial. Once you pay for your free trial, you’ll be automatically signed up for an automatic shipment program that is almost impossible to get out of. And once you’re in you’ll get shipments of a poor quality diet pill for basically the rest of time. Don’t waste your money even on the free trial, we can tell you right now, Zoeta won’t work effectively.