What Is Zolean?

Zolean is another weight loss supplement we’ve come across that is designed to help people lose weight by suppressing the appetite, increasing metabolism and energy levels. The difference with Zolean is that it is actually two separate formulas. Zolean has been created for men and women with two separate formulas. There is a formula designed for men and there is another formula designed for women. They claim that these will cater especially to the needs of both sexes, and apparently, Zolean will far exceed the capabilities of its competitors.

Zolean ingredients include guarana, damiana, and yerba mate.

In the Male formula panax ginseng is the main difference from the women’s formula. Again ginseng has shown some benefit for helping people lose weight when included in sufficient enough quantities. Both the men’s and women’s formula are specially blended proprietary formulas. While we’d like to believe that means they just don’t want to reveal the exact formula of their different products, we realize the main reason for proprietary blends is to keep customers from actually discovering the amounts of each ingredient they include. If they don’t reveal the amount, you have to believe it is included in insufficient amounts. With that in mind, we simply would not recommend Zolean for men or women. You may see some benefits but don’t expect much if you use it. And lastly, there is no reason for the separate formulas. There aren’t enough gender specific ingredients to warrant separate formulas. Basically, Zolean isn’t going to be your weight loss answer if you’re looking for a diet pill.