“Gently” suppressing appetite while “incinerating” excess fat stores? It sounds a bit contradictory to us. ZooBurn in essence tries to push itself as a safe but strong weight loss formula, and maybe it wants you to think of that animal instinct inside of all of us. In some ways, you can’t have it both ways.

On one hand, you want a safe formula. You don’t want another ephedrine, which was a strong fat burner, but it’s part of the reason we associate extreme weight loss with dangerous side effects. There’s no use in using a great weight loss supplement if you die after using it. ZooBurn is however stating the obvious. Unless you’re talking about prescriptions, most appetite suppressants are typically thought of as being pretty safe (you don’t need caffeine or other stimulants to suppress appetite).

However, many also want a strong formula, and most don’t think of appetite suppressants as being revolutionary weight loss ingredients designed to help you to shave away pounds of fat. ZooBurn focuses on its powerful fat burning results, that’s a given! Nobody wants to hear about the “tame” or “gentle” fat burners that are going to nudge at your love handles hoping they will blow away. Enough about the presentation, let’s look at what ZooBurn actually has.

Powerful Fat Burning Results?

ZooBurn uses one of the most obvious fat burners. Green tea has been all over the news, all over the media, and all over our malls and even our Walmarts. It has been clinically proven to increase metabolism. There is some debate about just how strong it is with some saying that it increases metabolism but doesn’t promote weight loss. However, even skeptics seem to agree that it can increases energy, it can increase metabolism, and its weight loss benefits (if any) are based on caffeine, meaning that it can cause side effects no matter how weak or strong it actually is.

ZooBurn also has an ingredient called cha de bugre, which some have pushed as a Brazilian fat burner and even a cleanser. However, unlike green tea, cha de bugre does not have a single clinical study to back it up in any regard. Where does that leave us? We still have green tea at the very least.

Gentle Appetite Suppression

This is where it really should be easy. There are plenty of natural appetite suppressants, and outside of ephedrine (which was primarily introduced as a fat burner), we don’t generally see natural appetite suppressants that are particularly dangerous. ZooBurn however doesn’t use glucomannan, phenylethylamine, or other clinically proven natural appetite suppressants, it uses hoodia, which is popular we understand. The problem is that every human study on hoodia has shown that it doesn’t work! By this we mean that human trials on hoodia have never shown any appetite suppressing benefits.

Yes, ZooBurn also has other ingredients such as magnolia which may reduce stress and improve sleep. In theory, that might help you to avoid the late night stress munchies, but that has nothing to do with appetite suppression. Likewise, chromium has been proven to regulate blood glucose, which again might help you to prevent carb cravings, but it doesn’t actually suppress appetite.

Is ZooBurn Safe?

ZooBurn uses a blend of ingredients that is basically safe. It has green tea, which is obviously based on caffeine and can therefore cause jitters, insomnia, and other side effects you might see with virtually any other diet supplement. However, we haven’t seen any unusual side effects associated with the ingredients listed in ZooBurn.


ZooBurn is predicated on two major points: safe appetite suppressants and powerful fat burners. It’s nothing unusual or exceptional, just about everybody uses the same focus. ZooBurn does have one ingredient that some would say is clinically proven to burn fat, and it has other ingredients that could theoretically control cravings (which could help you to avoid cravings and snacking when you don’t need to eat), but every ingredient in ZooBurn comes with questions and a little bit of doubt. In short, we’re saying that yes, we think that green tea is great, which is why we think that ZooBurn might lead to weight loss. However, it’s not necessarily as strong a formula as ZooBurn pushes it to be.