What Is Zylotrim?

Zylotrim is the ultimate supplement meant to give you the fast and effective weight loss results that you are looking for. They claim that the Zylotrim diet supplement will give you clinically proven results and it will help you to reduce weight and body fat safely and effectively. This powerful fat burner claims to be the best weight loss supplement using clinically proven ingredients that are proven to increase fat burning enzymes and therefore help you to lose weight and body fat at the same time. They claim that Zylotrim will finally help you to get the ultimate benefits, even giving you a free trial offer. This basically means that they are scamming you into an expensive auto ship order. But the question is, does Zylotrim actually give you results? Does Zylotrim actually give you any greater benefits in general?

Zylotrim ingredients include wild yam extract.

We are assuming that by wild yam, they mean the yam that the extract 7-keto comes from. 7-keto DHEA has been known to be a stimulant free fat burner. But then again, why wouldn’t they just name this ingredient? Does it not sound natural enough? 7-keto is completely natural and stimulant free, and many have found that it can promote significant weight loss results with the small amount of only 200mg. However, obviously if they do mean 7-keto by this, Zylotrim does not actually have the right amounts, and ultimately a 1 trick pony is never a good thing anyway. We would definitely recommend that you find something else.